New list of symposia EMPG X:

S01 S01: Biomineralistion, mineral surface properties and solution chemistry
S02 S02: Deformation processes
S03 S03: Element and isotope partitioning
S04 S04: Experimental phase equilibria
S05 S05: Planets, planetary interior, meteorites and solar system material
S06 S06: Experiments under extreme conditions and novel techniques
S07 S07: Mineral chemistry
S08 S08: Physical properties of minerals, melts, fluids and rocks
S09 S09: Reaction mechanisms and kinetics
S10 S10: Redox processes


S01 Dirk Bosbach Roy Wogelius
S02 Patrick Cordier Uli Faul
S03 Stephen Foley Massimo Tiepolo
S04 Stefano Poli Igor Ryabchikov Peter Ulmer
S05 Astrid Holzheid Guy Libourel
S06 Isabelle Daniel Yingwei Fei
S07 Dave Dobson
S08 Francois Holtz Jürgen Schreuer Sharon Webb
S09 Ralf Milke Cliff Shaw
S10 Dan Frost Max Wilke