Scientific Program

Instructions to Authors:

Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations

The scientific program will begin on Monday, 5 April, 2004 at 8.00 in the main lecture theatre. Registration will be possible starting at 15.00 hrs on Sunday, 4 April, 2004.

The invited speakers are:

Bernard Wood University of Bristol, UK
Jeremy Fein University of Notre Dame, USA
Guillaume Fiquet IPG Paris, F
Uli Faul ANU, Australia
Ross Angel Virginia Tech, USA
Hans Keppler Universitaet Tuebingen, FRG

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in length, including the discussion time (i.e., 12+3). The audio-visual equipment available in each lecture room will include one overhead projector, one standard front projection 35mm slide projector, and one LCD projector (Powerpoint).

Digital or computer-based presentations must be compiled in Microsoft PowerPoint on an IBM-compatible PC. Microsoft Office 2000 version is preferred. Use TrueType fonts and during final saving, select "Save as", then "Tools", then "Embed TrueType Fonts". Alternatively execute "Pack and Go" in the File menu, if installed. Save your presentation on a CD or USB Portable Storage Device, label the presentation with the date, the name of your lecture room (HIII, HIV or HV), the time of your oral presentation, and your name as in this example: MonHIII8_45name.ppt. Check that a PC other than your own can access your presentation.

It will not be possible to use your own laptop computer for presentation.

Your CD or USB storage device must be given to the audio-visual technicians in the speaker´s ready room at least one day before your oral session (Sunday through Tuesday). At this time the audio-visual technician will check your presentation for compatibility with the equipment. This is not an opportunity to modify the content of your presentation. Given the common technical problems encountered using LCD projectors, speakers are strongly encouraged to bring a backup presentation in the form of either 35mm slides or overhead transparencies. These backup presentations should be ready for immediate use if technical problems are encountered with your CD or USB storage device. Please note the EMPG does not provide any facilities for the modification or preparation of your presentation.


Poster Presentations

Individual posters will be exhibited for one day only. Authors of posters are requested to be present at their posters during the poster session time as scheduled in the program.

All poster presentations will have a programme number assigned which can be found on the web. This number will help to locate your poster board. Authors of posters are expected to give an oral introduction of two minutes maximum to their poster at the poster preview session scheduled in the afternoons. Each speaker has the possibility to advertise his work by presenting one overhead transparency or, preferably, one digital PowerPoint image. To save time during the change over of speakers, the digital format should be exactly as described for oral presentation. Please label the presentation with the day, the poster ID number , and your name in the following way: S-- P-- name.ppt . Your CD or USB storage device must be given to the audio-visual technicians in the speaker’s ready room at least one day before your poster preview session (Sunday through Tuesday).

Posters should be hung during the morning coffee break of the presentation day (or on Sunday for Monday posters) and removed in the evening or during the following morning coffee break, at the latest. The Wednesday posters should be removed at the end of the session at 18.00.

Each poster space will be a rectangular poster board with dimensions 97 cm horizontal and max. 200 cm vertical. The method of attachment is push pins that will be available at the registration desk.